Scope of Practice and Reserved Acts

The Scope of Practice for paramedicine is the application of knowledge, skill and judgment for the assessment, management and treatment:

    • Of an individual’s injury or illness that arises from a health emergency, or
    • Of an individual for the purpose of providing health care to that individual, which may include making referrals to other health or social programs or services; and
    • The provision of health education and health promotion programs to an individual.

The application of that knowledge, skill and judgement takes place in a variety of practice settings, such as in an individual’s residence or in the community, in a vehicle while transporting an individual, or in a health care facility, such as  a hospital, or other clinical setting.

Reserved Acts are those acts which pose a significant risk of harm or possible harm to the health, safety or well-being of the public, and may only be performed in the course of providing health care by competent, regulated health care professionals that have been granted specific legislative authority to do so, based on their competence and skills.

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