Professional Liability Insurance

  • Professional Liability Insurance is required by professionals to protect the public interest, regardless of whether paramedic care is received as part of services provided for by a regional health authority; contracted agency; service license holder, private company, or volunteer role.

Professional Liability insurance requirements are found in The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) in section 222(1). This section states A Council may make regulations….(n respecting professional liability insurance or coverage, or other liability protection, for members and health profession corporations;

The College of Paramedics of Manitoba regulation states in section 3.12, Insurance 3.12(1) A member who holds a certificate of practice must (a) hold a policy of professional liability insurance of an approved type and providing coverage to the member to a minimum of $5 million for each occurrence or claim; and (b) promptly notify the registrar if they are no longer covered by the required liability insurance. 3.12 (2) If the member is no longer covered by the required liability insurance, their certificate of practice is cancelled. At the time of notifying the registrar under clause (1)(b), the member must also promptly surrender the certificate of practice to the registrar

College policy requires paramedics to hold the certificate of professional liability insurance in their name. The insurance policy must provide coverage to a minimum of $5 million for each occurrence or claim. The insurance certificate must be current at the time of registration or renewal. Proof of the amount and type of insurance must be uploaded by the registrant in their College registration portal.

Paramedics who do not hold professional liability insurance can obtain professional liability insurance by:

  • By applying for insurance with Harvard Western Insurance:
    • Contact: Kimberly Ottenbreit, Insurance Advisor
    • Phone: 306.791.4539 CELL: 306.519.2001
    • Toll Free: 1.888.382.6657 FAX: 306.757.1434
    • 3615 Quance St. E., Regina, SK S4V 3A4
  • By applying for insurance with other insurance companies who offer professional liability coverage for paramedics

Additional benefits to paramedics, dependent on policy type, may include: having access to all claim coverage information, for claims held in their name; support for disciplinary legal expenses; support for loss of earnings due to investigations; professional counselling; legal pro-bono advice.


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