The following individuals were appointed to serve on the College of Paramedics Transitional Council from March 31, 2018 to March 31, 2021.

Paramedic Members:

  • Brenna Eastman – Paramedic representative (Northern Regional Health Authority),
  • Bryan Jacobsen (Paramedic representative Prairie Mountain Health),
  • Cam Ritzer (Paramedic representative, Northern Regional Health Authority)
  • Christine Greer (Paramedic representative Prairie Mountain Health)
  • Karen Martin (Paramedic representative Winnipeg)
  • Leah Braun (Paramedic representative Southern Health-Sante Sud)
  • Marilyn McNeill (Paramedic representative Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority )
  • Ryan Youngson (Firefighter Paramedic representative)
  • Sarah Peto (Firefighter Paramedic representative)
  • Tom Wallace – Chair Elect (Paramedic representative Winnipeg)

Public Members:

  • Dr. John Wade – Council Chair, former deputy minister of health and past Chair of the Board of Directors of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority; former Dean of Medicine, University of Manitoba
  • David Driedger (CEO Haven-Group, the HavenGroup Foundation and Steinbach Housing)
  • Jean Cox (Consultant and former ADM Health)
  • Jeff McConnell (Lawyer and former Mayor of Virden, Manitoba)
  • Madeleine Baril (retired Registered Nurse and Health Care Administrator)
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